Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Kids, Cops, and U.K. Stereotypes

90120: We're Not in Kansas Anymore
So was it me or did that kid from Degrassi have some odd conversations with her adopted brother. I mean in a bikini, on his bed, and about naughty sex. They do make a cute couple.
The show was slightly interesting but typical of a soap. The acting was one of the worst I've seen in years. Okay now I can just wait for the series finale to see how it ends.

The Shield: Coefficient of Drag
Intense acting plus tons of blood equals series finale.
It was good but the names of the bad guys are incomprehensible.

  • Zadofian
  • Luis Aramboles
  • Beth Insardi
  • Ellis Rezian
  • Cruz Pezuela
Autumn Chiklis is the actual daughter of the star of the show and plays his daughter on the show, freaky.

Bones: Yanks in the U.K.
Bones goes to speak at Oxford University and wouldn't you know someone dies. The first half of this two hour episode was nice and sweet with love blooming and life amongst death. Then the second half started and every lovely moment from the first half was destroyed.

The shows jokes consisted mostly of the rude Americans running around making fun of the British. It was funny plus I learned a truck is called lorry??? Who knew...well maybe some British people knew.

Daily Show: September 3, 2008
I'm not watching the political conventions since it's just hot air blowing used to elected. What was great were all the hypocritical moments shown on today's episode.
Nice to see so many quotes directly contraindicating themselves just because of the new VP candidate.


  1. "Degrassi"... ah those were the days... sometimes they showed seasons of that here when I was going to school.

    I remember they even "pulled" a few shows that featured drugs, I think. I recall one of the kids saying something like "My name is Joey P. Smith... the "P" stands for pharmacy..." before he duped two girls into buying vitamins he was selling as drugs.

    The funny thing was they "acted" stoned to pretend to each other.


  2. They repeat both the new and old Degrassi all the time but yes the best drug and sex episodes are hardly every shown.

    Degrassi is the Doctor Who of Canada it's been on in some form since 1979.


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