Sunday, September 21, 2008

Semi-Live Emmy Blog

10:59pm They finished early. That's historic.

10:55pm: Tom Selleck seems serious, the Best Drama is MadMen. I gave this show a try but it just doesn't flow.

10:54pm: Best Comedy 30 Rock yeah, well, hmmmm.

Quick flashback Don Rickles was the funniest thing so far.

10:49pm: The build up to the Reality Host winner Jeff Probst was funny.

10:41pm: Tina Fey ho hum.

10:38pm: BRYAN CRANSTON he should won years of ago for Malcolm in the Middle, I guess I'll have to TiVo this.

In Memoriam, dang I forgot how many good ones died and Charlton Heston too.

10:26pm: Alec Baldwin wins Lead Actor in a Comedy and it's OK but I don't watch the stuff so...

I'm back.

I need to take a break.

9:36pm: Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale just lost what a shame.

9:22pm: Outstanding Directing in a Comedy went to Barry Sonnenfeld won for the pilot of Pushing Daisies and had a nice prepared speech. "Love TV and fear the Internet."

9:15pm: Seriously Laugh-In.

9:02pm: Josh Grobin singing theme songs melody was laughable, not in a good way.The Smothers Brothers: Tom (left) and Dick (right)

8:54pm: A Smothers Brothers just laid the political smackdown.

8:44pm: Whoa Jennifer Love is less bootylicious. Cool The Colbert Report won.

8:42pm: Conan made a funny about "The Heigl". Diane Wiest won the Outstanding Support Actress Drama, whatever.

8:30pm: Best Supporting Actor Drama goes to some guy from Damages over the guy from Lost ridiculous.

8:20pm: Jean Smart just won for Outstanding Supporting Actress Comedy, hell yes that is perfect. Damn they cut her off too soon.

8:17pm: When all else fails show Seinfeld clips.

8:15pm: Macy's commercial was great better than anything so far. Screw you Wal-Mart losers this is a real store that makes more per store than that huge chain.

8:12pm: Jeremy Piven wins Best Supporting Actor Comedy. I'm fine with it because I like him, I prefer Jon Cryer.

8:10pm: The opening was on of the worst bit in TV history, congrats.

7:30pm: Pre-Emmy Red Carpet Show on E! is nice to see the pretty people.

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