Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fringe Groups

JJ Abrams had some great pilots; Felicity, Lost, What About Brian, and Alias.
Then there are the stinkers Six Degrees and now Fringe.
It's like Ghost Whisperer meets the X-Files but in a bad way. Little was interesting about this show so I'll give it one more episode before I get into to details.

The Shield: Snitch
This was a great episode with the best scene was when they arrested two Spook Street gang members and then the thugs proudly walked down the street while the neighborhood yelled "Spook Street Ayea!"


It was reminiscence of Republican National Convention when the group yelled USA!USA!USA! to drown out anything else they found objectionable. Just seeing such a scary mob mentality in the name of pride is something.

Code Chanting

"Lipstick on a pig" count:
McCain 3 times
Cheney 1 time
Obama 1 time
Kermit 145 timess

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