Sunday, September 07, 2008

Samurai Clone

Samurai Girl: Episodes 1 -6

Based on a bookish type thing.

So I'm not good with people and there maybe some errors in the characters names but the picture will be clear.

Asian-Buffy is destined for greatness but doesn't know it. She survives her wedding and meets up with blond-Willow and blond-Xander. Blond-Xander has a crush on her but can't say it.

After some bonding moments Asian-Buffy finds her one true love ninja-Angel, he has a dark and evil past but know fights on the side of good to redeem his sins.

Soon her brother's-British-Watcher comes to guide the newly formed gang. The travel and fight together until ninja-Angel meets some tragic end, then comes back to life. Ninja-Angel's ex-girlfriend evil-Blond-Cordelia shows up and causes trouble.

Asian-Buffy never realizes her true power and ninja-Angel goes and spin-offs around the world. Meanwhile her true enemy Asian-Spike comes back and they face-off. Fade to black.

This show reminded me of another, if I find out I'll be sure to post it.

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