Friday, September 12, 2008

I hate Politics

I don't know about the rest of the country but every New York station had the reading of all the names of the 9/11 attacks. The coverage was full and uninterrupted and very touching.

Then later that night they had some conference on service or as it should be called "forced volunteering". It was a waste of TV time. As bad some of my favorite TV blogs are overrun with the agenda politico.

Obama-Biden (not Osama Bin Laden) says a whole bunch of empty words with no back bone, granted he sure talks pretty and he can just delegate his plans later as president.

McCain-Palin just lie, Yahoo news had a great article pointing out all of McCain's lies or flip-flops (flip-flops which according to Republicans 4 years ago were really-really bad). He twisted a child protection bill into a sex for kids lesson. He denounced 4 Bush plans then said "they're GRRReat". Palin supported a nowhere bridge then after the lower 48 said pay it yourself she said "Uh-no".
Yet as president McCain would delegate his plans and be willing to comprise for what is best for everyone.

Either way both guys are doing what it takes to win, campaigns hold no truths.

Maybe I'm living too long in NYC. We went from...

  • Dem. Mayor Dinkins who defied lawmakers and increased the NYPD ranks, cut public services, and left the city with a surplus amount of money from the deficit he inherited.
  • Rep. Giuliani who made everyone mad by continuing most of Dinkins' policies, letting the police fight crimes, supporting choice, and selling city parts to the highest bidder.
  • Ind. Bloomberg (formerly Dem. & Rep.) he is valiantly trying to save the city from debt by selling/renting every piece of space the city has on hands, he killed the board of ed., and has a salary of $1.
New Yorkers tend to vote for...take a seat...the most qualified at the time to get the job done, not for party lies lines.

Dinkins defused racial tensions, Giuliani defused crime fears, Bloomberg defused money woes.

What does the nation need defusing and who is qualified to quench that fuse?


  1. Yes, I can't stand political stuff over-running / swamping the TV channels either.

    I think that it should be confined to the news channels, and if I subscribe to say, a fishing channel, it only shows fishing, and no "news flashes" etc.

  2. True but even the commercials are running non-stop about the campaign.

    I'm watching the Weather Channel just because it is showing hurricane stuff and not snippets of politicians taken out of context.


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