Thursday, October 09, 2008

Just a quick blah

Pushing DaisiesImage via WikipediaAfter last season's strike these show should've come back with a punch and pop and perfect writing. Instead they are lame and without any bite.

With two exceptions.

Pushing Daisies
It is beyond your modern day fairy tale. The costumes, sets, and dialogue are amazing. I do love puns.

Worst Week
So awkward and funny it is refreshing.

I happen to catch I Am Legend and regretted every minute since.
This movie were going somewhere but then abandoned it's theme and sold out the ending.
So unrealistic was the last 10 minutes that I actually went online and found an alternate ending and watched it. The alternate ending was perfect, it made sense and why they left it out makes me wonder about the movie idiots.


  1. I've loved Pushing Daises from the start. The dialog is so clever, you have to pay constant attention so you don't miss anything! Not dialog, but I still laugh @ a picture of Chuck as a teen last season in a t shirt that said 'Jews for Cheeses' OMG, too funny. It's also so beautifully filmed, so technicolor.
    Now I'm just not getting Worst Week. I'm trying, but it's just not working for me. A few bits here & there are mildly funny, but for the most part I sit there & wonder what the critics are raving about.

  2. I can't bring myself to watch either one of these shows. Worst Week goes in the same category as Monk for me -- totally cringe-worthy. I probably would have watched Pushing Daisies by now, except that EVERYONE keeps telling me how good it is. Something in me resists a show when everyone is pushing it so hard. Maybe I'll check it out if it ends up on DVD after its run.

  3. Pushing Daisies is one of the few shows I recommend to watch on DVD. I want to watch the season premiere again in HD.

  4. Amber will be pleased to hear that, as she loved "PD" and is waiting for it's comeback over here.

    We hoped to catch some new stuff over there when we were in Seattle, but aside from an episode of that Christina Applegate memory thing she watched (and loads of "Discovery Channel" I got to see after she'd dropped off to sleep) we didn't have time to see much TV. (Well, you don't on holiday, really, do you?)


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