Thursday, September 11, 2008

Out The Bedroom Window

Lights are nice but buildings would be better.

Ten years ago you could see the tips of the Twin Towers from this window and the entire Empire State Building from my front windows.

By now so much new construction has all but blotted out the New York City skyline still the Empire State Building is shining bright. What is missing was what most considered the ugliest towers in NYC. Yet the love and hate relationship for these 7 buildings know as the World Trade Center only rose to minor snobbish whisper. Until...

19 Muslim attackers in a pro-religious anti-American stance decided Washington D.C. and New York must pay. These attackers were not poor or oppressed they simply were doing evil. Knowing like most do that this is the true American heartland they struck a blow that hurt. Inspired by the events of September 11, 2001 still now more Muslims, extreme right-wingers, online conspirators, and others plot to bring more terror to Americans.

The fact that there hasn't been another major incident in America is not by chance it is because we were also inspired by that day. Inspired to stop anyone who wants to be a martyr. Inspired to keep this part of the world free. Inspired.

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