Saturday, July 19, 2008

Exclusive: On the set with Pierce Brosnan

I am not the paparazzi or is it paparazzo? Either way I'm bad at it.

Either way I found out that the movie The Greatest staring Pierce Brosnan and Susan Sarandon was being filmed near me. It is a Shana Feste film about two parents dealing with the death of their son when a young woman comes into their lives and causes more problems. It's a drama.

Before I start out with the excuses why my pictures are awful lets start with how to find a film shoot.

I saw this pink flyer.
This is taped to all the post and street lamps when a film crew decides to take over the streets.

For filming on the streets you would see one like this...

Know I saw nothing of the Pippa Lee movie but still found their flyer.

So I know the movie The Greatest is being filmed near me but it will not be on the streets most likely be at a local medical facility.

Here starts the excuses

It is hot in NYC over 90 degrees and with the humidity it feels like 100+. So I decide instead of waiting outside in the heat I would be indoors and just look out the window.

Film shoots are long and boring since I have no access to the set I must wait for hours so I start taking random pictures to set my shot when a celebrity approaches.

I was waiting at the window when Pierce Brosnan comes out and walk to his trailer but I had my camera off and next to me and nearly killed my self focusing and clikcing buttons but only got this shot...

Yes that really is my exclusive first on the scene photos of Pierce Brosnan in The Greatest.

So I learned I must be more professional, since he must come out of the trailer soon I leave my camera on and practice taking photos of moving objects.

After 45 minutes I get a bit tired and my camera automatically shuts off and wouldn't you know Mr. Brosnan comes out so I hurry to turn on my camera, focus, turn off the flash, and point and shoot. Well the result was one shot that was less then stellar.

Honestly that is Pierce Brosnan.

I gave up after this even though they kept filming until midnight and Pierce showed up once more but again I was too slow to set my camera to night mode.

There has been other movies I was privileged enough to watch in person and equally legitimate excuse that I have no pictures.

Ransom = I didn't own a camera.
Malcom X = I wasn't near any cameras.
Keeping The Faith = It was filmed indoors and I saw nothing.

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