Thursday, August 28, 2008

Seasonal Premiere

September 1 starts all the new shows and the season premieres will roll on until the end of October.

Now that I have little free time and by October I'll have none. My shows will be watched any time I have 45 minutes to waste so TiVo will be my best friend.

Ain't that lil' guy great.

Monday Sept. 1
Prison Break yes it has jumped the shark after the first season but let's see how ridiculous it gets.

Tuesday Sept. 2
90210 I never watched the original except for the pilot and last episode. The middle stuff was unwatchable. I will do that again.

The Shield
hell yes. Nothing like bad guys and bad cops in a series finale, they can all die.

General Hospital: Night Shift
mind-numbing soapy goodness.

Wednesday Sept. 3
Bones is back and in London take that Scotland Yard.

Thursday Sept. 4
Kitchen Nightmares I like seeing people getting yelled plus I think I've ate in a few of these places.

Redskins at Giants the first game of the season.

Friday Sept. 5
Samurai Girl some teen thing that is supposed to be like the Karate Kid, who knows I'll give it a shot.

Monk has it's 100 episode and Psych is new. So is Stargate Atlantis.

Stand Up To Cancer a multi-channel event, let's see who cries.

Saturday Sept. 6
Cops starts its 21 season back in the town it showcased in season 1.

Sunday Sept. 7
True Blood another teen thing except about vampires.

Jets at Miami and Brett Faveerrre, I'll get that right once he starts winning.

I listed them here mostly because I tend to forget during the semester and need a place to quickly see what I have recorded back at home.


  1. Kitchen Nightmares... *Sigh*

    I know it's the appeal to some people; the swearing, but it seems so "overdone", especially in the US versions...

    It's become a sort-of grotesque "monster" of a show to what it was before. :-(

  2. I didn't watch it at first until I saw a several restaurants I visited on the show.

  3. What did you think of them, compared to what you saw on the show?

    Did it make you think what you'd seen was more genuine, or more fake?

  4. The shows add much more drama then real life, some of these restaurant guys overact once the camera is on.

    In NYC there has a been a string of famous rat incidents involving eateries that either I or family members have visited. Most of us take it in stride, no big deal.


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