Sunday, August 10, 2008

Highs & Lows since 8/8/08

Olympic Opening Ceremony
Great, beautiful, skillful, etc.

My favorite part was the raising of the Olympic rings.

NBC's Olympic Coverage
Horrid. Tape delays are ridiculous in a modern world. I said it last Olympics please show each event live on one of your 7 NBC channels and if I choose to TiVo it then I will. If not I'll just not watch the events and go online for the results.

Bernie Mac
50 years old when he died! This guy was funny I watched nearly every sitcom he was on.
He had a reality show, another sitcom, and 2 movies coming out next season. That is such a shame.

BBC America
So many interesting shows on this channel and freakin' Cablevision/Optimum does not carry this channel.

J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets!
Yes we got an old, semi-retired, crybaby, with more bumps on his head than dimples on a golf ball. I do think it's a good thing. Welcome to NY/NJ Brett Favre .


  1. As an English person, this post made absolutley no sense to me at all...


    I just wish I could get more space easily on my Sky+ box. I know I can take out the hard drive and swap it, but I wish there was some simple USB2 interface I could plug into it or something.

  2. Look who's talking I had to Google Sky+ box to understand.

    My cable box is simple no hard drive.

  3. *Grins*

    Sky+ is great, but it's got so many basic faults, as if no one ever "user tested" it. Space is too small, you can't go more than a week ahead most of the time etc.

    Still the best thing we have, but so limiting and frustrating at times.


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