Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Christina Applegate

In an interview Christina Applegate who is successfully battled breast cancer announced she had a double mastectomy three weeks ago.

I know a little science so although the cancer was limited to one breast because of her BRCA1 gene she would 100% get cancer again. Now while I'm against preemptive surgery I'm sure unlike most who have this done she actually gave this good thought.

The problem with this type of choice is that the bad gene is still in her and will eventually show up again and with little breast tissue to mutate it will head straight for the lungs.

Her show Samantha Who? is one of my new favorites and wish her the best. No should face such a grim diagnoses let alone someone this talented.

On September 5th at 8PM on ABC, NBC, and CBS will have simultaneous broadcast of the Stand Up To Cancer special. Hopefully they will have as much on the emerging technology as well as entertainment.


  1. Samantha Who? hasnt made its way over to the UK yet. Lets hope it does soon ;o).

    Whenever celebrities get some sort of illness that requires checking or screening it puts it back into the public eye so to speak.

  2. QUOTE "it puts it back into the public eye so to speak."

    And as much as I despise "celeb" shows, that can only be a good thing.

  3. Last season with my busy schedule I watched most of Samantha Who? online at the ABC.go.com.

    I hope it's a good thing because with no universal health care in this country so many are going undiagnosed and have no choice.


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