Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not Again

Yet another one of my favorite actors is dead. This has not been a good month for TV fans. The man was only 56! It was freakin' pancreatic cancer.

Julius Carry starred in over 100 roles he was known as a character actor. While I have a disdain for the term character actor his roles were definitely unique.

Back in 1994 two shows were on FOX and both had low ratings, Party of Five and The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.. Only one could survive but the teenage girls wrote more letters then the nerds so The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. starring Julius Carry was canceled.

He placed a rich bounty hunting lord after a futuristic end of the world type device, like a western X-Files.

He also starred as Sho'Nuff in on of my all-time favorite B-movies, The Last Dragon.

Carry wasn't limited to cheesy Sci-Fi and here is a sample of all the shows I enjoyed that he also appeared...

Sure I loved a lot of shows but this was the late 80s and early 90s the hiegt of watrchable television.


  1. I can't believe I've never heard of him, considering all he's done.

    I suppose some of his shows will come up again, now he's passed on.

    Reminds me of a great letter I saw in a magazine, lamenting the death of Spike Milligan, and summing up by saying at least we'd get to see some of his TV shows again, as the networks always run things when someone dies as a "tribute".

    The letter ended with "I hope Clint Eastwood dies next, as I love his films and would like to see them again. That one with the monkey was ace!"


  2. He wasn't that famous over here but but where I grew up he was quoted all the time because of his movies.

    Cruel magazines. Although over here they've been wandering why some of the untalented and annoying actors aren't dead.


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