Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Cho Show

Yes reality has hit a new low. This awfully copy of the Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List features the once funny Margaret Cho and her odd posse.

The Cho Show has a third premiere on VH-1 today, I saw it on the LOGO station on Monday and they have it online at all the time.

Why is the show bad...

  1. Exact copy of existing show.
  2. Lightly scripted situations and set-ups.
  3. Use of family for shock value.
  4. Straight up fake scenes.
Granted Denise Richards does the same but at least she doesn't claim to be funny.

Watch Flight of the Conchords if you want abnormal comedy.


  1. Wasn't Margret Cho in that "The Lost Room" Sci-Fi multi-parter?

    I enjoyed that, and thought she wasn't bad as the "object tracker" lady, but I've heard some of her stand-up comedy routines and hated it.

  2. The Lost Room was great it was going to be series but never was picked and yes she was in it.

    She used to be much funnier but then she got on drugs and worse she got sober.


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