Monday, August 11, 2008

Playing Tourist

Occasionally because of my 12 hour a day TV habit and then months of mind numbing engineering workload I forget I live in NYC.

So to keep it real I play tourist. Last time it was at Governors Island now Saturday it was at the American Museum of Natural History, then a quick pass through Central Park, and finally see what's new a the Columbus Circle.

Thanks all that is great in technology because even with my 3 year old camera I took 542 images. For those of you not old enough to remember if this were film it could take a backpack full of boxes and about $100 in 1982 money.

Here are a few select images for mostly my enjoyment.

The front of the AMNH.
They're having a horse exhibit and some painted horses surround the museum.

Love the gorilla in the Akeley Hall of African Mammals.

No wonder they died off they're to skinny.

Imagine when they sneezed.

One of my favorite animals is that on that is outlined, imagine the size of that beast.

Even these mammoths were small compared to that last beast.

This is part of the Horse Exhibit, shhh no cameras allowed.

Great rodeo posters.

Here finally an image of me, enjoy.

Lizards and Snakes: Alive! another exhibit except everything here is unstuffed and living.

I see why so many get bit these things are so still.

My second favorite image of this vibrant green snake.

The Canadian Lynx is hunting a little rabbit that is too dark to picture.

Moose fight.

Two bears and a fish soon on FOX.

Guggenheim Hall of Minerals they have some stunning pieces.

For you Olympic fans here is the original gold, silver, and copper.

On to the Rose Center for Earth and Space where I saw Cosmic Collision.
It was the best documentary I've seen in a while, narrated by Robert Redford.

Regular rhinos, they have such sad eyes.

Right before the last call at 5:45PM I took this picture of frogs in action, these are stuffed.

Across the street in Central Park they were given balloon rides.

For $25 you can go up on a tethered balloon and hope the line doesn't break.

Ok, I got no idea why this bride was dragging her dress through the park but the bottom of the dress was filthy.

At the Columbus Circle Time-Warner shopping Center we are remind that it ain't a mall.

Street scene a must when talking about NYC.

Inside the mall shopping center very nice, but none of the books I wanted were there.

I saw four exhibits in the AMNH but I had a ticket if you didn't have one it would be about $80. Plus a simple lunch in the museum cost about $25. Just a fair waring.


  1. I wish they'd been doing that balloon ride when we were there. Looks like a cool thing to do.

    The other bummer whilst it crosses my mind was that Kenny Kramer's Seinfeld tour had finished for the year. The one thing we wanted to do, and it's off!

  2. I would really have to think twice before getting on the balloon.

    As for the Seinfeld tour I think they have the maps where you can do it yourself. After the Micheal Richards racial curse out the real Kramer as scaled back.


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