Friday, August 08, 2008

So your remaking my childhood...

Fine then I want more candy and a TV in my room.

Wait you just remaking my favorite shows and movies, never mind.

Robert Englund has been out promoting his new movie Jack Brook: Monster Slayer and let it slip about his older productions which as far as he knows he will not take part in.

First he reveals that the newest Freddy Krueger movie will be a remake with a budget. Oh yeah Billy Bob Thorton is in line for Freddy Krueger.

Second he reveals V the great sci-fi series is being remade. The script has already been partially leaked here.

He did make the point that hardly anyone watches the original King Kong but that the remake by Peter Jackson was awful with a nice ending.

I haven't watched any of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, or other horror remakes because they look so bad.

I saw The Hills Have Eyes both remake and original on the same day. While both are B level the original is far superior.

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  1. A re-make of "V" is interesting. I loved that when I was younger. In fact, all those classic "Glen A Larson" / "Stephen J. Cannel" shows along the lines of "Buck Rogers", "The A-Team". "Dukes of Hazzard" etc. were my favourites.

    American TV had a certain "look" then...

    Just hope they don't ruin the new version with lots of awful CGI effects and the like.


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