Monday, August 18, 2008

Local News: Breaking Nothing

Over the years the local news has appeared in my section of New York City many times. They only appear for two reasons either an officer was hurt or a baby was abandoned, kind of depressing.

We get all the news van from NY1, CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, CW11, and UNIvision.

While I generally ignore the stories I do like seeing the pre-air rituals each reporter has.

NBC: I felt bad for these guys because every nut in the area kept asking them questions, they sent out 3 people who were all overly dressed.

Dianna Russini looks more club ready plus if you ever heard hear speak you'd guess she is a heavy smoker.
The other NBC guys were well suited but it was at 5:00AM and the image came out too dark.

FOX: There reporter Nicole Johnston was not dressed as sleek but she spent every free second over the next few hours doing her hair and make-up. Again a night shot so my camera underperformed.

CBS: This reporter was the best she was quick and kind of flighty. Carolyn Costello actually made an on-air error with the victim's name and as soon as the camera was off she recognized it and laughed with the camera guy.

Before going back on she enters a trance.

Apparently it was too relaxing.

Best yawn ever!

I noticed on her notepad that not everything written were important notes.

Flip-flops and painted toes, how cute.

The rest of the reporters were either out of range or just stayed in the news van for most of the time.


  1. Anonymous1:38 AM

    hhahaha!!! that's funny. what story was this?

  2. A tree limb fell on some lady's head. Still don't know what happened to the lady.

  3. neindoch5:22 PM

    Carolyn Costello is SUCH a babe! NY is so lucky to have her, but Cincinnati has also inflicted you w/ Nancy Zimpher, so the 2 cancel each other out

  4. Not that I mind the traffic but why the sudden interest in Carolyn Costello.

    Did she do something I'm not aware of?

  5. neindoch9:38 PM

    she linked to it on her FaceBook page, and some of her 288 friends took a peek

  6. Well then hi to all and I meant nothing bad about the term "flighty" it was like 5-6AM when I took the photos and she was the coolest of all the reporters.

  7. Anonymous3:59 AM

    what exactly did you mean by "flighty" then???

  8. Easily excited, which I say is a positive trait.

  9. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Costello was fired back in December 08

  10. Costello was fired back in December 08
    For what reason? Never really followed her but she seemed a fine reporter.


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