Monday, August 25, 2008

America won the Olympics, yeah.

Out of 17 days of Olympics that is 408 hours I saw maybe 8 hours missing the other 400.

I've yet to see the closing ceremonies so can't comment on that.

I didn't watch any basketball because Kobe Bryant was there and he's despicable.

My highlights were...

This guy is an incredible athlete and I know many Jamacians and completely get his sense of humor.

Micheal Phelps is another athletic monster I actually watched some of his races and seriously he's ridiculously good.

Ara Abrahamian he rightfully got mad when denied his rightful medal. Nice to see someone with passion.

Also so many first time winners.

Next on to Vancouver in 2010 then London in 2012.


  1. Being someone not interested in this whole "olympics" thing, I still feel it's such a "waste" of money, when it could have been used for so much better stuff... :-(

  2. That money would never be used for anything good. It's like NYC if we got the games we would have spent billions but we didn't and none of the money existed so we still have slow trains and too many taxes going to maintain and not improve.

    So you won't be going to the London games.

  3. No, I doubt it.

    I like things like Ice Hockey, and Tractor Pulling, and it's just my luck that the latter's never going to make it into the Olympics. We don't even "do it" over here as a sport either!

  4. Anonymous4:30 AM

    I watched about tens minutes of the olympics at work on the night porters tv on my trips toilet breaks. Tractor pulling : ) Like that. Could do a related green theme too such as Olympic Ploughing with horses!

  5. Now, see that would interest me... a "proper" challenge.

    I think someone has done a "country" events thing, but it's something I'd like to see covered by a minority channel.


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