Sunday, July 27, 2008


The farthest I'm getting away this summer involves the subway, a bus and whatever ferry happens to be free. Plus I'm still on the hunt of local filming.

Going to lower Manhattan I saw the pink fliers indicating they were filming around The National Museum of the American Indian but didn't stay long enough to find what it was named.

I went to an art exhibit above the ferry landing and also to Governors Island. Why? Because they're free. Rescue Me, 9 1/2 Weeks and a few other movies and TV shows have been filmed on or around the island.


The Waterfalls #1

The Waterfalls #2

The Waterfalls #3

Leaving the slip.

Love the brick homes.

The entrances just fascinate me as I imagine coming home to my own private island.

You know I took a semester of architectural history.

Snapple machines may not be authentic to the time period.

The gym inside the arch.

Ye olde abandoned theatre and emergency shelter.

What's that in the distance? Zombies?

Oh no! Zombie babies!


Safe back on the main land of Manhattan Island.

I get it your playing the building through the organ, yeah very artsy.

Finally safe on the subway. I can go home and watch some TV. A real New Yorker knows what train this is. Care to guess?


  1. I do like NY. Amber wants to go back there as soon as we can too.

    "What's that in the distance? Zombies?"

    That would make a nice desktop wallpaper... greyscale it etc.

    Good pictures all round. Nice one.

  2. Thanks, I just put a fraction of the pictures I took.

    I've seen lots of tourist this year since our dollar is so weak. It doesn't matter if you decide to visit in winter or summer NYC always has something going on.


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