Monday, January 26, 2009

Watchout For The Pointy Crown

Hallmark: Hall of Fame: 235th Presentation

Loving Leah
A story of a woman who does two brothers and loses her religion. Granted when spun through Hallmark it is fantastically lovely.

Ignoring the movie which was presented with limited commercials.
Nearly every commercial was a Hallmark Card ad. The first was that of an illiterate who learns to read and then finally gets to know what his cards, he saved for years, actually said. My word this was heart breaking and touching.

Others included a loser giving the perfect wedding toast to his sister via a Hallmark card. A former student giving her retired professor a card and the knowledge he inspired her to become a teacher. People stuck in an elevator reading a birthday card and reminiscing. Plus stories of how the card writers began writing cards.

When you care enough to make someone else feel bad.


  1. Just needs a sprinkling of cinnamon on top to complete the smaltz...

  2. Dude that's genius a card that smells like food.

    Imagine someone's mom just died and you get them a card that smells like her ginger cookies.

    It's either cruel or sweet.


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