Friday, January 09, 2009

Government Controlled TV

Rooftop television antenna. It is actually thr...Image via WikipediaThe big deal that has been hitting the air waves is the switch from an analog signal to a digital signal. Television broadcast will no longer carry analogs making the antenna useless unless you have a converter box. Well guess what most people don't and now the Congress wants a delay.

A few problems surface.

  1. Many people don't have cable but have new TVs that support digital and just don't realize it.
  2. Not everyone cares about TV and will be fine if the TV goes dead.
  3. Government aid has run out thanks to internet thieves getting $40 gift cards just for fun and not using them.
I'm all for the switch only because the delay is annoying.

Pros :
  • Signal is usually clearer.
  • More channels can come through.
  • When interference comes through it freezes both audio and visual.
  • Weak signals don't come in at all.
  • New towers means relocating existing antennae to catch the signal.
  • TV is dying why bother.
I have a both cable and a converter box so I'm safe just in case cable is cut I still can get my fix of TV. I still own an old fashioned TV and have no plans to upgrade until the price drops to something decent.

Obama Interuptus
So my first full week off and I sit down to watch some morning TV and this guy keeps breaking in with not so Special Reports about his 23rd cabinet pick. Being from NY I want my "SPECIAL REPORTS" to be full of collapses, fires, or floods not some soon-to-be President and his hope for tomorrow. Where is Nader and his special reports?

Appallin' Palin
This chick got some nerve. Everything she criticized Hillary for doing she is doing now. Even after delaying an arrest of a known drug users, that she pals around with, she still is in the news with her backwards views. It has nothing to do with Rep or Dem she has no sense and reminds me of every reality show chick ever.

Some tech show where 3D is being hyped.
While all the toys are cool the signal interference and government regulation will make the finally in-store product half as nice. Is the Government to blame? NO. These designs are never meant to work in the field, permanent BETA is a trick done by companies. Everyone stop with the -1 cm thick TVs and use that digital signal that is 300 times better than the internet and let me scroll the net/web with my TV and remote.

Oh yeah Grey's Anatomy was dumb I hope they're giving Izzie a brain tumor because everything else would kill the show.


  1. Kind of reminds me of the recent news story over here about Supermarkets not replenishing supplies of the old light bulbs, in favour of pushing the newer (and more expensive initially) "green" florescent tube-style ones.

    Apparently, people were panic-buying all the old bulbs they could get... :-(

  2. Same here they are pushing those new bulbs which are nearly impossible to recycle. Something else to rant about.


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