Friday, January 16, 2009

Plain not Plane

So I took trip to the city yesterday looking for some decent sneakers or join the 20th century with a simple cell phone. Didn't find either. Did find a nice belt(similar not exact) for under $20 at Macy's. I decided to take a picture of the Starbuck's in Macy's because all the cool bloggers are doing it.

This is a tiny spot inside a high traffic clothing store so it was interesting seeing a lady passed out in the corner. I did not have anything as I've been in more of a Dunkin' Donuts coffee mood for a while.

So why the plain old boring picture?
I always carry a camera for movie, TV, or other film projects going on or maybe a some beautiful scene of this fair city. Since I didn't have anything to shoot I decide might as well just take a picture of something.

Then I get home turn on the TV and see a plane in the river. Soon dozens of amazing photos are being sent all over the news. If it was slightly warmer I may have been in the area but it was cold and even if I were there I tend to react slowly when the temperature is 3 degrees below deadly.

Everyone survived as you heard by now and here is my favorite picture by a guy in the right place.

It took place right after the crash before the local ferries came to the rescue.


  1. I saw some security camera footage of that "landing" over here too. They were comparing the Pilot's salary and lack of a "bonus" for landing the plane to that of some footballer "Kaka", who is reputed to be getting this rather substantial pay day.

    The mind boggles...

  2. That is a lot of money for a sport I(and most of my countrymen) wouldn't watch even if every other TV channel went black.


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