Thursday, January 22, 2009

L'Hospital Rule

Show: General Hospital
Grey's Anatomy
Name: Nikolas Cassadine
Izzy Stevens
Love: Dead wife
Dead soulmate
Problem: Sees her ghost
Sees his ghost
Twist: they can touch
they can touch
Reality: Brain Tumor
Unknown sickness
Choice: Cut it out lose ghost
Cure it and lose ghost

Keep it die
Keep it get worse
Final: Surgery/Drugs bye bye love
(Fill in yourself)
2nd Twist: Mysterious new look-a-like


  1. I am willing to bet her mysterious illness is Schizophrenia....just a hunch.

    Love the comparison.

  2. Schizophrenia that's mental and this show is more of a slice and dice show. They hardly ever give anyone an injection or pills to cure them.

    Still it seems plausible.

  3. I think there must just be 5 storylines, and EVERY show in the World takes a turn at using them. These two have just "clashed"!

  4. "5" how dare you there is at least twice that amount.

    In this one once the "ghost" started showing up a year ago it was obvious where they were going with the storyline.

  5. Yeah, you are right. So, you're leaning towards brain tumor, I guess?

  6. We'll see I can only hope whatever the ailment is they don't stretch it out all season.


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