Sunday, January 18, 2009

This is How the Merger Should Work

When the the computers and televisions finish mating their offspring should have certain abilities based on my experience last night.

Watching The Fuse 20 a music video clip show hosted by Danielle Fishel. Not remembering much about Fishel after she left Boy Meets World I wanted to Google her, teehee.

Sure I had my laptop but it was distracting trying to watch TV and search for stuff. Then the shows theme was celebrities in music videos and each video made me want to check that celebrity to see what they're doing now like Christopher Walken from the FatBoy Slim video.

My TiVo already pauses live TV so why not open a window on the screen and allow me to do a search over the internet of that show.
Imagine if you will you're watching a show and can't remember where you've seen the actor who is not the star. During a commercial or pausing the TV you hit a "Query button", the screen splits and you see a search box. Intuitive typing brings a list of everything associated with what your watching. You start to type either the character or actors name and find it within a second and soon your online with all the normal results. Seeing clips from YouTube or interviews from a recent magazine article of the entire filmography at IMDB.

Doing this for every show, every commercial, and every live event should be the goal not a TV that can also be used as computer monitor. I need TV that helps me because let's face it my brain is crammed with so much stuff I need all my stuff to come with a drop down menu.


  1. Using Google while watching TV has become such a routine in our house that if I decide not to turn on my laptop, my husband will look at me funny. He will throw out comments like, "I wonder what other show we've seen that actress on" and just assume that I am looking up the answer. The internet has changed our TV viewing from a quiet, passive activity into an opportunity for conversation.

  2. You said it perfectly.

    I loved just grabbing the remote and passively watching something but now I get a question stuck in my head and until I Google it can't concentrate on the show.

  3. This is the main reason I was going to buy a laptop...

    I'd still like to have some sort of "in-built" heads up display, like in the first "Robocop" film, with the GPS, access to 'net etc. Be well cool!


  4. If only.

    TV tuners for laptops are still disappointing, the tech is not there yet.

  5. I like the fact that TV has become less passive. My husband and I have really good conversations now instead of just sitting side by side and staring at the box.


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