Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Future is Sad

Yes the second half of the season has begun and I'd rather be watching movies. Not that I'll stop watching my old shows just that I can't stay awake for them. Plus continuing with my Lifetime-fest I can now see the end of TV.

Stargate Atlantis: Vegas
This was an alternate reality episode with implications to the Stargate universe we are familiar with but my goodness it was slow paced and boring. Sure it was sad but I fell asleep through most of it. I'm not working or studying so this must be one dull episode. Next week is the "Series Finale", and by the quotes I mean going to DVD.

My Mom's New Boyfriend
Meg Ryan, Antonio Banderas, Colin Hanks, and Selma Blair along with other top celebs star in this movie so it must be a high budget theater flick.
It was a straight to DVD release and ended up on Lifetime. The movie is about a mom who dates a thief. Of course twist and revelations abound but while cute I can't see how so many famous people ended up in this amateur flick. Yes I get these stars are no longer A-list but still this is barely a romantic-comedy.

Liv Tyler, Diane Keaton, and Dax Shepard in a almost unwatchable comedy about a wacky mom. I know this movie came out in September 2008 but where? I understand actors must continuing working if not they will be forgotton so I can forgive movies like these.
My issue is that this movie was highly promoted on Lifetime. Is this the future.

As DVDs soon go out to pasture then these embarassing movie and failed TV shows will end up either on some iTunes queue or directly sold to a TV station. When the merger of TV and the internet is complete then will each station just charge you to watch this crud. Hyping Liv Tyler in a movie then you pay $6.99 to be sorely disappointed.

Pushing Daisies is a good example. It is off ABC's schedule but there are 3 episodes left. What to do? The Disney empre wants to make a profit so they will likely release them on an Exclusive Full Season DVD with "Never Before Seen Episodes" then sell the show to Sci-Fi as they market the Never Seen on Cable label. Sure if there is enough fans or a hole in the upcoming ABC season then we'll see it on air.

With networks refusing to spend money on actual shows and the fad of reality shows fading fast then soon you'll see more low budget movies being used as filler.

Tonight Scrubs let's show some support.

Completely unrelated photo of the moon outside my window.


  1. Three words that strike fear into my heart;

    "straight to DVD"


  2. Lost Boys was one of my favorite movies, they unwisely chose to make a big budget sequel and it went straight to DVD. I'd rather they not release it at all if the thing is so awful.


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