Thursday, May 28, 2009


Channel #6 on the box, #41 over the air, #40 digital signal
An all Spanish language station. The news often beats the all English stations for two reasons. First the Spanish media does not censor as much as the American media. If a person dies they will show the death and the body, full graphic detail is common on Spanish stations. Second Rafael Pineda has been reporting since 1972, that is 37 years on air, and is the most trustworthy anchor on any station.
Longevity is common among Spanish personalities. Don Francisco and his show Sábado Gigante have been on since 1962 is one example. Shows mainly consists soap operas, variety shows, news shows, and talk shows. Soap operas are unlike the American versions. They have less convoluted story lines but they due ham up the drama with music and overacting. The reason for this is because the average Spanish soap last 2 or 3 seasons at most. After 10 years they redo the soap with an entirely new cast.
They carried mostly news and targeted Puerto Ricans and Domincans but have recently switched to focus on more South American and Mexican issues.

Started in 1968.
Broadcasting from New Jersey.
Owns a second station, WFUT, 68, also in Spanish.

Unfiltered news - Censors are virtually non-existent. The same news stories told on American stations is presented fully on these shows. Primer Impacto is a news show that focuses on the odd and most tantalizing stories, they spent years chasing the Chupacabra, along with other medical anomalies, and cult stories it reminds most of side show freaks.

Vintage era soaps - Many times these soaps are set in the early 1900s or late 1800s and are just fun to watch.

Soaps - They have old ones, classic soaps, reality based, kids only, and many more. It is fun even if you don't understand.

Dress code - Apparently the tighter the clothes the better. Men and women are all above and beyond the ordinary man. In the original Ugly Betty, Betty La Fea, Betty is always played by a tall beautiful supermodel wearing glasses and a ponytail.

Comedies - The variety shows and few comedies are based on stereotypes. It is not a rare thing to see blackface, abused women, or anything from the vaudeville days as a comedy routine.

Over the top - Anything done on this stations tends to go way over the top and can get annoying after a while.

Sports - Just one, soccer.

Walter Mercado an astrologer and tarot card reader of unknown age has been doing his shtick to a loyal following for almost 40 years.
A cross between Liberace and every TV Evangelical preacher he lost the love of his life ( a lady) in a famous airline crash in 1970 that killed many famous Hispanic celebrities. After some soul searching he came back with the fancy clothes and a gift to use the Bible and the stars to predict the future of whoever asked. For most Spanish people who are staunch Catholics this contradiction is often excused with little explanation. He does horoscopes everyday around 5 or 6pm.

Sometimes logo in the corner, no pop-ups.
Ads are national and not always in Spanish. Best parts are Americans who do ads in Spanish like Mayor Bloomberg and Jim Perdue. Billionaires who know that reaching an audience in person is better than an hiring others to do it for you.

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