Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Channel #5 on the box
The New York City FOX flagship station and thrives on it's edginess.
Married with Children sums up this channel very well. They take an edgy show, push the limits until someone protests, and then they push the limits even further based on the outrage of a few but loud voices. At the end the show becomes so unrealistic and successful that everyone feels alienated for watching.
Hit shows like The X-Files, The Simpsons, and American Idol show the wide range of programming available. This is all new before the 1990s the station was a place for re-runs, kid shows, and badly dubbed Kung-Fu/Karate movies. I grew up watching some of the worst movies shown on exclusively on WNYW.

Started in 1938.
Bought by Rupert Murdoch in 1986 becoming Fox.
Started tabliod television with A Current Affair.
In 2001 they bought controlling interest of their sister station WWOR (ch.9) and can dual broadcast.
In 2001 they also dropped all their famed afternoon kids programming in favor of talk shows.
They also made popular "It's 10:00 p.m. ... Do you know where your children are?" which starts there 10pm newscast every night. It's cheesy but very comforting after hearing it for several decades.

Great dramas - Currently House, Bones, 24, and Dollhouse.

Primetime Cartoons - They are the only channel to successfully keep primetime cartoons since The Flintsones.

News - They have perfected the tease or news-hype. One example is "Can the food you feed you baby can kill them? Find out tonight at 10pm." Of course you wait 58 minutes into the news only to find out that shoving a spoonfuls of year old baby food into a sick baby makes them worse.

Cancellation - Quick to cancel they had 50 canceled shows in a four year period. Famously the booted Family Guy off the air for years and then brought it back. But for a while they were going through dozens of half-hour comedies every year.

Reality - Just horrible. When wondering why so many cancellations the answer is reality. FOX purposefully caused all scripted shows to fail to free up time for reality shows and it succeeded. The most profitable of all TV shows and the least thought provoking.

Full logo pop-up and expansion, although they have been cutting back.
Commercials are national and contains lots of self-promotion. In show ads are plentiful and on their reality shows are constant.
One famous Simpsons episode showed the future where a teacher asked the student "Now turn to the next problem. If you have 2 Pepsis and drink 1 , how much more refreshed are you?...a little girl responds"Pepsi?"...Teacher replies "Partial credit!"
As long as FOX gets you to remember the product part they care little about education. I know Coca-Cola sponsors American Idol but as for the winners all I remember is Kelly Clarkson, the fat guy, the illiterate one, country Kelly, the old guy, 2 nobodies, and the non-flamboyant one from this season.

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