Monday, May 25, 2009


Channel #3 on the box, #31 over the air
Formerly Pax-TV then i: Independent Television now ion TELEVISION.
They went from religious to odd to rerun central. For a while they had original or at least first-run programming but now it's all about what is profitable. Half of the schedule consists of Paid Programming (half-hour commercials). Four hours of the early morning is dedicated to televised ministries preaching the words of their particular Bible.
They just added Ghost Whisperer to their line-up of Reba, Family Feud, Quantum Leap, M*A*S*H, and NCIS.
Possible new logo as they go through another change, it looks like they're going family-centric.

ion+ TELEVISION Positively Entertaining

Started in 1924 on the radio as WNYC it's one of the oldest network signals in the U.S.
When the television portion was developed it carried Municipal Broadcasting System programming and Public Television System(PBS) programs.
By 1995 under Mayor Giuliani this city owned radio and television station was sold to private owners.
By 1996 the station had signed off.
12 hours later it reappeared as Classic Sports Network, WBIS, showing old sporting events.
During the attacks on September 11, 2001 the signal was lost and days later the transmitter was moved to New Jersey becoming very weak until the final move to the Empire State Building.
After several changes in programming and several near deaths it became PAX then i then ion.

Ancient Repeats - Occasionally I enjoy an old episode of Quantum Leap or Hangin' with Mr. Cooper. The also bought ER.

Television Movies - Are fun, when they air.

Bad Planning - Once in while they announce a show or exclusive movie but at the last minute the cancel it and show more repeats.

Bankruptcy - They filed once and apparently are filing again. Spending so much to acquire the rerun rights while not advertising is not smart.

Like I said previously most of the broadcast is Paid Programming with great names like:
There are more but after getting free money with your knives while looking young what else can you possibly need. Most of the others ads are religious in nature or self-promoting. The logo is never seen in the corners during Paid Programming or religious shows.


  1. That shadowing in the logo is awful!

  2. I think all the stations just spend 15 minutes making the logo. Someone just says make a big and can it spin.

  3. Hey 'man' that was a very funny comment. Thanks for the post


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