Friday, May 22, 2009

What's new?

Finally done with all my finals and when it came to formulas and computer programming I did well. As for writing I also did well but it took me twice as long to write a paragraph then it did to make a force, moment, and torque diagram.

So I'm making a pledge to write something on each blog I have everyday. With little to watch on TV for the next few months I will blog the TV channels that I have on my cable. Hopefully this will improve my writing skills.

What have I been watching?
Glee: Pilot
A typical Fox show with young kids played by young adults who don't quite fit in but find a home in the Glee club. The main character is the teacher who put together the club but the most interesting is Rachel Berry, played by Lea Michele.

Berry is an overachiever with two dads and a hate for everyone but the popular boy. She is picked on in the most vicious ways and is on the verge of a breakdown. Michele plays this stereotype with a mixture of Tracy Flick and every character Andrea Nemeth ever played. The show does have a Boston Public feel without the heavy drama.

The music is great but Journey makes every show great. They are packaging the show with American Idol which is just wrong since after Kelly Clarkson there has not been any other true American Idol, country does not count. With the cancellation of The Sarah Conner Chronicles and a shorten season of Dollhouse expected next year Glee will make a great alternative.

News: Every Station
I have no idea why the rest of the country cares about Idol, pageants, or anything "reality" based. In NYC the top stories have been constant H1N1 virus(swine flu) news with Mayor Bloomberg speaking in fine English and the worst Spanish since I last tried speaking Spanish. Still he gets an A for effort.
They even broke into the breaking news of the flu report to mention a group of Muslims tried to blow stuff up in and around NY.
Another big story is any time a job fair is announced a line of 2,000 people deep encircle the place until everyone gets rejected interviewed.


  1. Glad to hear the finals went well.

    Why not try and do a post a week, rather than a day? I know I've found that very hard when I've tried it!

    Amazing! I've never seen a break-in news story, breaking into another "break-in"! Something we have to look forward to, I suppose! :-(

    Just finished watching "Knightrider", the new show, over here. Watched the pilot and episode one, and I've decided I'm done with it. Not what I expected and doesn't have any further interest to me. :-(

  2. I agree with you about Knight Rider I couldn't get past the second episode either.

  3. I missed the "Glee" pilot, and I was looking forward to it! I guess I will have to look for it on Hulu.

    Making a commitment to write on your blog more often is a good way to improve your writing. Good luck with it!

  4. I enjoyed the show.

    When submitting written assignment for my liberal art class I got the following comments:
    -You are allowed to use commas.
    -Too is not the same as to.
    -Great sentence it can be broken into five.

    Little mistakes takes away from my point and I'm trying to fix it.


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