Friday, May 29, 2009


Channel #7 on the box
It's all about family friendliness and specials. Owned by Disney ABC has always catered to the kid friendly programming. They do not push the limits and tend to play it safe.
ABC thrives on special programming like tonight's Un-Broke: What You Need To Know About Money or last nights Scripps National Spelling Bee that went over the time limit with not one complaint.
This is the local station that carries Oprah so they will always dominate the afternoon audience and because of that their soaps are going strong.

Started in 1921 on radio, 1948 on TV.
Knocked off the air on September 11, 2001 and temporarily had the signal relocated to New Jersey.
After an in-studio fire on May 27, 2007 the station was again knocked off the air for several hours. The news team had to relocate to cubicles and broadcast from the world tiniest desk, it was at once awkward and refreshing.

News - Very simple and the anchors are always so happy. Eyewitness News is there trademark for years that called upon the public to share videos, pictures, and stories of interest.

Great Dramas - Grey's Anatomy, The Unusuals, Pushing Daisies, Desperate Housewives, Lost, etc. Female friendly to say the least but still watchable.

Specials - Like I said before these specials are mostly for education but they also tend to show the big award shows, concerts both live and on TV (Lionel Richie played in the park this morning), and recaps that are basically very well done clip shows.

Cancellation - They are quick to cancel and they don't show repeats.

Reality - They replace new shows with reality-crap in order to boost ratings then after that fails they bring back the scripted shows.

Fluffy - Some of the family friendly shows are just moral lessons that are far from subtle.

Logo in the corner, pop-ups are present.
National ads and quite a few local ads. In-show advertising has been subtle but with Disney as the backer nearly every show has a "Disney trip" episode.
It is not a rare thing to have a TV show character to daydream and have Disney characters appears or other Muppets.


  1. Amber's a big fan of "The Muppets", but over here, the word has now taken on the meaning of "idiot", and people often say "What a muppet!" "You right muppet!", as a "soft" insult.

  2. Muppet often means cute over here. The last few years ABC anouces they ay bring back The Muppet Show as a variety-hour but never do.


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