Sunday, May 31, 2009


Channel #10 on the box, #55 over the air (but no reception on most days)
This channel has dual numbers due to its cable and over the air number assignments, and dual call letters due to its cable and satellite assignments.
For years the this channel focused on premium theatrical releases for its primetime line-up and now they have switched to a talk show line-up for its prime 8pm-10pm time slot.
All the movie have moved to midnight and the day is filled with infomercials, reruns, and religious programming.

Started in 1985.
Constantly in court to be allowed on cable, satellite, and for new station numbers.
Is still an independent station.

Movies - Lots of older movies.

Older Reruns - McCloud, Matlock, and others give a nice 1970s - 1980s feel to the station.

McCloud (TV series)Image via Wikipedia

Mixing - Unlike most stations that will show paid programs in one block then reruns in another they intermix movies, news, shows, and infomercials. You basically have no idea what is on at any given time.

College Sports - 'Nuff said.

Logo in corner. The ads mostly local and the infomercials are sometimes very harsh and religious.

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