Saturday, May 30, 2009


Channel #9 on the box
Optimum cable skips channel #8 for some unknown reason they didn't in the past.
Currently I do not watch this station at all. Once they had Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a few other shows that were syndicated or newly repeated. Now they have massive amounts of repeats and an occasional telethon.
This station now known as My9 is just the little sister of the local FOX station, WYNW, often sharing the same programming they once showed Malcolm in the Middle in a two hour overlapping block.

Started in 1922 on radio, 1949 on TV in New York.
It left the radio part behind in 1987.
Being an independent station leads to low ratings so they focused on alternative programs. Hooking up with British broadcasters this station introduced Benny Hill, Doctor Who, and other British programming to the U.S. Letting the stereotyping begin.
After some national networks issues they moved to New Jersey.
By the 1980s trying to change again WWOR picked up the Morton Downey Jr. Show a first in trash-talk-TV. A gimmick to use ultra-conservative views to pick-up fringe audience followings, that works quite well. After Downey Jr. left he was replaced by Rush Limbaugh who continues the gimmick with a lot less cheesiness. After Downey Jr. left his show he admitted in different interviews to not believing most of what he argued, which happens to all these trash-talk-TV types.
Ten years of dozens of talk shows made WWOR unwatchable so they started to affiliatte:
199o they became Universal 9
1995 they became UPN 9
2006 early in the year they became WWOR 9
2006 late the year they became MyNetworkTV 9
Currently they are My9
Throughout these years show were made, failed, repeats were shown, syndicated shows were partially shown.
Babylon 5 was first on NBC 4 then UPN 9 and was finally but on cable forcing me to get cable in order to see the final season.
The first station to begin a normal schedule a week after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

News - Lots of New Jersey news with little hype and quick stories, Brenda Blackmon among the most notable and trustworthy of NYC anchors is always fun to watch.

Sports - For years the only baseball and tennis source for those without cable.

Highly Unstable - They are constantly changing formats and currently they are focusing on one urban-ethnic audience which is going to fail since NYC does not have one overwhelming dominant ethnic area. We are too diverse for this to truly work.

Logo in corners, any corner depending on program. National and local ads.
Telethons, okay not really advertising, 24 to 72 hours of semi-famous people calling for a cure and money through the TV.

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