Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Thor was another of those Marvel comics movie. It featured Natalie Portman but in my opinion Kat Dennings stole the show. Dennings sense of humor was the only thing that made this movie fun. Portman and Chris Hemsworth made this movie serious and I will applaud them for that seeing how they are dealing with mythical characters.

Thor is rendered powerless for most of the film and must deal with an evil brother. As gods none of them were sympathetic even after losing powers or almost dying. I first learned of Thor from the classic Adventure in Babysitting but never found his story appealing.

The Avengers Movie has several origin movies and I have watched all except Captain America, it seems the most boring. Still none of them are great and yes I include Iron Man. Not to just knock Marvel but I also hated the Dark Knight movies so DC also fails at putting up great superhero movies. The last superhero movie I enjoyed was Batman with Michael Keaton.

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