Thursday, August 22, 2013

Planet Hulk

I was talking with co-workers about cartoons when I was a kid and how they never actually killed anyone. Even the Hulk was a kind monster. These youngster told me I should watch the new Marvel and D.C. cartoons and I would be shocked. So I did and I was.

In Planet Hulk you have the Hulk being exiled to a paradise planet. Unfortunately The Hulk as usual makes things worse by going off course and becoming a slave. It was just the story of Ben-Hur done by Marvel. Throughout the struggle out of slavery many being were violently killed. Even if none were human they still died in such horrible ways for a cartoon that was not meant to be funny.

Now the graphics and animation were great nothing like the old cartoons the repeated backgrounds to save time. The physics were unrealistic but that is something that is common in all superhero movies whether cartoon or live-action.

Would I watch more of these? Yes, but not with children around.

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