Sunday, August 18, 2013

SVU's Season 14 Finale

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Her Negotiation

The season finale has a serial rapist and torturer that is clever enough never to get convicted going after Olivia. This was not revealed until the final seconds of the show and leads to possible big change when the 15th season premieres on Wednesday, September 25.

They came close to assaulting Olivia in the past but never have because that is unrealistic. The show has been heavy on every woman is a potential victim except for Olivia and I hope they have not crossed that line. Detective Olivia Benson is the strongest person on the show and to have some random criminal of the week assault her would put me off the show permanently.

Not every woman is a victim and the will cross a line by making Olivia one. Knowing this criminals pattern I hope she anticipated he was going to hunt her and this is a trap. If not I hope she fights him even if it means she dies because to become a victim seems worse.

I am late in watching the season finale so it would be fresh in my mind as the new season premieres. That faxt that I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see how this storyline plays out proves this show still has great writing. I hope they do not disappoint.

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