Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mr. Popo

Dragon Ball first came out in cartoon form back in 1986 and the world was rich one filled with fantasy creature living alongside humans in what seem s to be the near future.

Mr. Popo is a genie who lives peacefully and tends the grounds of a lookout. Unfortunately the Japanese animators found stereotypes non-offensive and honestly did not think they did anything wrong. When drawing this guy.

As you may know this cartoon became popular in America a decade ago and currently is in reruns for kids programming all over. As far as I know no one has complained about any of the stereotypes but certain networks have modified Mr. Popo.

Why so blue? Well because people in the U.S. often overreact. There are dozens of Bugs, Tom and Jerry, and others episodes that I remember watching as a kid that are no longer being aired. While some are obvious even the minor violence in those Tom and Jerry cartoons have been de facto banned on televesion.

I do not mind not showing things but modifying them seems wrong. The original is always better and modifying messes with the story in certain ways. Among other Mr. Popo changes was most scenes with his flying carpet. Apparently the genie stereotype is also offensive so they tried to Disney-fy him by making him blue and losing all the references to an Arabic/Persian origin.

I cannot wait to see how future people will modify The Simpsons and all there offensive yellow skin and bulging eyes.

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