Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Hunger Games

I tend to avoid the teen adult novels turned into movies but then I still watch them on TV. All the Harry Potters were truly awful, among the worst things put to film since snuff movies were invented.

Now The Hunger Games has a ridiculous plot that I could never get past with an actress who could not act here way out of paper bag.

The plot involves people in the far future from different districts who send there children to fight and die because they borrowed food from the one's in charge. Each district is a stereotype of workers like miners, farmers, and others. Some war that ended at least 74 years earlier lead to the invention of a game where 24 kids fight each other to death until only one person is left. It is not said what the winner gets but fame and fortune is suggested.

Katniss is the tale's hero. She uses her limited emotions, or at least Jennifer Lawrence's limited emotions, to save her sister from the "I-borrowed-food-lottery" and takes her place. Katniss is a hunter so killing is no an issue but she finds the games morally wrong. Although she ends up killing a bunch of kids she wins the love of the audience who watches this tragedy as sport.

After not killing herself and new BFF from her district the two district 12 heroes return home to an unknown future. Something in the world has changed though as Katniss has inspired more than a fanbase.

This movie is forgettable and reminds me of the dozens of 1970s futuristic movies about mankind almost dying. The looked silly back in the 70s and this remake does not add anything new to the genre. 

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