Thursday, February 28, 2013

Save Our Shows: 2013 Edition

Some of these show are on the drink of cancellation. While some most have been granted an extra season it still would be nice if more people can see them and appreciate great television.

Image source: YahooTV

Happy Endings: ABC Fridays 8PM & 8:30PM
Possibly the best comedy on TV right now. Unfortunately the constant time changes will lose the small audience it has. Originally up against New Girl on Tuesday it was switched to Sundays and now Fridays.  Damon Wayans Jr. had two pilots this and New Girl he choose to stay with this one. A brilliant choice for the comedy but New Girl is more popular. It is the reason I stopped watching New Girl since they were on at the same time I chose the funnier show which is Happy Endings. It is a show about friends and relationships but the comedy is multi-layered and you should watch it more than once to get every joke.

Parenthood: NBC Tuesday 10PM (EST unless otherwise noted)
They will be back as the critics and fans continue to support the show. The show centers around a close knit family that has minor problems but good writing makes every small ting a huge drama. Trust me it is worth watching even if a bit slow.

The Following: FOX Monday 9PM
Probably coming back. Former FBI agent must track a serial killers loyal followers. The show is made well and has great suspense. The problem it is on Mondays against my sitcoms and sci-fi shows. As the newest of all my shows it gets pushed to back of the TiVo list.

Community: NBC Thursday 8PM
Canceled. Due to its unfortunate time slot against Big Bang Theory it never has a chance. Still any adult college student would have related to this show on a deep level. Theshow could go crazy at times but it was always funny and brilliant. Zombies, crossovers with another networks show, and tons of smart refernces made this an A-list show.

Raising Hope: FOX Tuesday 8PM (moving to Fridays)
They are playing the moving game with this show meaning it might get axed soon. I have raved about this show before and I will continue to do so. It is a great comedy in line with Married with Children the difference is this family tends to be sweeter, less of cruel streak. Hope is the daughter of a serial killer and a not-smart guy she is raised by him and the entire Chance family. The ways the family gets into and out of trouble each week is to much and both well written and acted. Inside jokes are plenty with My Name is Earl and other little things from guest actors and regulars.

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