Friday, February 22, 2013

The Walking Dead Goof

In the last episode of The Walking Dead titled Home there was a goof or error. I usually dismiss these but this one was way to obvious.

During the scene where Merle and Daryl ar fighting Daryl has his shirt ripped off from the back exposing a tattoo and scars.

The tattoo is on the right side and his shirt is torn around the armpits.

Next second the tattoo is on the left side and is shirt is still torn around the armpits.

Finally as he leaves the tattoo is still on the left side but his shirt is now fine and not torn at all.
Again I usually do not complain about minor errors but this was a crucial scene that changes Daryl relationship with his brother. It completely took me out of the scene. Sure the old fashion TV also takes me out of the storyline but that is my problem. Getting the continuity correct is the shows problem and trying to reverse the image could have helped. or digitally erase his shirt for the quick walk away.

Overall great episode and the season is good although Rick going crazy is getting old.

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