Sunday, February 03, 2013

Superbowl Blogging Live

Jennifer Hudson and the Newton children's choir were just okay. Alicia Keys singing the national anthem was fine but adding the extra line was unnecessary but common nothing special.

I do not care for either team so maybe I will focus on the ads.

The Lone Ranger trailer was shown and it looks so boring that I thought I was watching every other Tim Burton movie.

--Baltimore scores first.

Red M&M singing I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) by Meatloaf was cute.

The model Bar Refaeli making out with the background guy Jessie Heiman was disturbing. For GoDaddy this again was a controversial ad since the kissing was said to be a bit to graphic for CBS and Israel. Full 7 min ad here if you can stomach it, look all make out sessions are nasty unless you are doing it.

--49ers score 3. So 7-3 Baltimore.

Free Pepsi Next.

Black label beer also looks good but they used the theme song for 2 Broke Girls.

Oz The Great and Powerful looks cool.

--Fumble, there seems to be a bit of anger on that field. ad with a couple asking for drama then handed a wolf pup in front of the wolf mama is great.

Taco Bell ad with the old timers was good too.

--21-6 Baltimore

Beyonce was off-center with her light show.

Poor camerman are having mini-strokes each time she bends over, yes she is wearing flesh colored tights. Isn't the Superbowl a family event why is she in lingerie? Destiny Child reunion is underwhelming.

2 Broke Girls mini video was cute.

Stadium went black, someone forgot to pay their light bill. 

Telex and printers are the main reason for the long delays. These pieces of tech are considered crucial for game play and 34 minutes passed before they were running.

Speed Stick ad was funny, waiting in the laundromat is horrible.

Budweiser ad was overly sentimental, ode to War Horse.

--28-20 Baltimore and another fumble in the 49ers favor.

Time Warner Cable / Walking Dead commercial was also funny.

--31-23, kicking has taken control.
--31-29 Baltimore only because the 49ers cannot get extra points by throwing.
So God made a farmer. By Ram has to be the best ad so far.

Kia's "Where do babies come from?" ad was cute and well done.

Tide's Montana stain ad was funny when the wife, a Raven's fan washes the sacred stain away.

--34-31 Baltimore wins and Flacco with is live potty mouth is MVP.

Elementary was the after show of choice and what a disappointment. I fell asleep.
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