Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Not so action packed Tuesday nights

Tuesday once was filled with lots of shows worth watching. Unfortunately most were on NBC and currently that channel is a wastebasket of reality shows, as is many channels.

This is what I am left to watch.

Cougar Town cast source TBS/Cougar Town

New Girl: 9pm on Fox
Jess is in love with her roommate and he loves her back but since they are both so awkward they cannot make it a happy time. The show is okay but I prefer Happy Ending. There are some clever situations.

The Mindy Project: 9:30pm on Fox
Mindy gets into incredibly awkward situations and still manages to keep a great attitude.

Cougar Town: 10:00pm on TBS
Great ensemble cast the only awkward moments are between mother and son, everything else is pure comedy. The romance in the show is sweet and should be applauded.

The oldest show is Cougar Town and is a true comedy. New Girl is half of a comedy but it also relies heavily on cringe worthy moments. The Mindy Project is nearly all cringe worthy which seems to be a trend among the internet/reality show generation. I do not mind if funny but like Girls it is less funny and more laughing at others tragedy.
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