Sunday, September 20, 2009

Emmys Anyone

8:07pm Neil Patrick Harris sung something funny and did some nice jokes about theme songs. Nice to see him hosting since after Doogie Howser I thought he was a goner.

I may switch to the Giants game so I'll keep that in blue.

8:12pm Kristin Chenoweth won for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for Pushing Daisies
Damn good she was the best and that show was the best.

8:26pm Jon Cryer won for Best Supporting Actor for Two & Half Men not a bad decision.

Jordin Sparks sung the national anthem, she was very okay. Former Pres George Bush flipped the coin and no surprise the Cowboys won.

8:33pm Toni Collette outstanding actress in a comedy for United States of Tara which is blah at best.

Just in case you think I can't split again I'm also doing an engineering report in another window.

Giants settle for 3 points, by the the way the Jets did win this afternoon.

8:42pm Best directing went to some The Office episode which I don't watch, not funny.

A great shot of Bush and Madden as newly retired. No Jessica Simpson mentions yet.

8:50pm Alec Baldwin outstanding lead actor in a comedy for 30 Rock, blah.

Dang the cowboys scored 6 +1.

9:00pm Jeff Probst won for best hosting, no surprise.

Giants score 7 on an interception, they show the Cowboys owner picking his nose then the Giants recover a fumble.

9:09pm Amazing Race won for best reality-competition, no surprise.

9:12pm TV Movie actors but I don't watch them so back to football, crud commercials, back to the report then.

Giants up by 13 to 7.

9:21pm More Mini-Series/Movies that I never watched.

Dang the cowboys scored 14 to 13 now.

9:30pm Dr. Horrible bit was funny.

9:54pm Writers for variety shows are always funny and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart won so good for him.

My word there are a lot of British and Australian actors portraying Americans on our TV shows.

Juggling catch by the Giants puts on top 20 to 14, a 3 pointer now has it at 20 - 17. They keep showing the stadium's 160 feet 4 sided TV, it looks so dangerous.

10:08pm Ricky Gervais just insulted everyone in the room and at home. The Daily Show won again and Stewart wants to go back stage and watch the Giants game.

10:20pm Micheal Emerson from Lost won for best supporting actor. Greatest choice possible. His wife works on True Blood.
Cherry Jones from 24 as the President won for best supporting actress.

In Memoriam with live singing by Sarah Mclachlan.
99% were true stars, so many.

Cute putting the two guys who played vampires together, Stephen Moyer and David Boreanz.

10:40pm Glenn Close won for Damages as lead actress in a drama series. Blah.

10:49pm Bryan Cranston won for Breaking Bad lead actor in a drama series, very good the man is great in everything he does.

10:53pm 30 Rock outstanding comedy series, Weeds should of won or even Family Guy.

Dang gummit Dallas is winning.

11:01pm Mad Men outstanding drama series, ehhh I would have gone with Breaking Bad.

3 minutes over time, Emmys were OK overall.

And with 4 seconds left on the clock the Giants win 33-31.

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