Sunday, September 13, 2009

King of the Hill Series Finale

From left to right: Ladybird, Bobby, Hank, Peg...Image via Wikipedia

King of the Hill: To Sirloin with Love

Bobby learns he's a beef savant and his father realizes he final can bond with his son.

For 13 years King of the Hill struggled with realism versus the absurd. The Simpsons of course went to the unreal but the people over at Hill kept bringing back the show to a guy who loves his family and his very small world.

Good job and I can't wait for the next Mike Judge project ( I will ignore the awful The Goode Family that premiered last season).

Off topic: Kanye West and Charlie Sheen seem to be vying for the moron of the year award.


  1. Really glad to hear that they ended it on a good note.

  2. I never could get into any of these animated series aimed at adults. The artwork is off-putting and the humor makes me cringe. I guess they fill the niche left by the lack of sitcoms for the past several years, but they aren't my cup of tea.

  3. Dani you hit the nail on the head, this easily could have been a live-action sitcom like The Simpsons. Plus they can get away with jokes that no live-action network show can.


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