Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy and Sad

Glee: Acafellas
Slight improvement with the musical track but not as funny as previous episodes. Apparently everyone in that school can sing and dance as the teacher forms an a capella group with other teachers and they're great.

Special appearance by Josh Grobin as a pro-drunken-chubby chaser was cool.

Now the sad,
Henry Gibson of Laugh-In fame also did 4 seasons of King of the Hill and Boston Legal, at the same time, died of cancer at the age of 73.

With over 135 shows and movies under his name he could be funny or creepy.

Well the year is more than half over so hopefully everyone else can stay healthy and alive.


  1. The creator of MASH also died this week, and I heard that Mary Travers of Peter, Paul, and Mary died yesterday. I swear that 2009 is going to live in my memory as the year that so many people I liked in the entertainment world died.

    As for Glee, I hate to say it but I think it is the victim of its own hype. If we had been allowed to discover it more naturally, perhaps we wouldn't have such high expectations.

  2. Oh, that's sad... he was in lots of things I liked. Shame about the M*A*S*H guy too. :-(


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