Monday, October 05, 2009

What's New(ish)?

Still have not bought a TV but a friend let me have their old 15 inch pre-digital TV. This leaves me more time to buy a proper HDTV with huge discount, maybe on one of those Black Friday sales.

A new an even more useless channel has been rolled out. A high school sports channel.

The scroll on the bottom was to inform the viewer that the guide has moved from 14 to 88.

Watched some movies worth noting.
Role Models - Funny but not for the easily offended.
Blindness - Great movie based on the novel of the same name. People go blind and their true nature comes out. Julianne Moore plays the one person who can see and must witness the nature of men.

Flash Forward is a new show about fate and if it can be changed. Starting to get dull.
Accidentally on Purpose is a new sitcom about a woman who gets knocked up and likes it.
Stargate Universe is Star Trek Voyager meets the most boring parts of Battlestar Galactica.

Giants undefeated, Jets doing well, Yankees are incredible.


  1. I was looking at "FlashForward" here, as the channel that's got the rights are "bigging it up" all the time. I thought it would peter out pretty soon, and it looks like I was right.

  2. It's a shame most new shows are starting up on a high note and by episode 3 they have run out of ideas.

  3. I'm with James; I looked at the premise for "FlashForward" and thought it would get old pretty quick, so I didn't even bother watching it.

    I watched the pilot of Stargate Universe with my husband and it feels like a "Gilligan's Island" situation to me with them always on the verge of making it back to Earth. You're right, Man -- that is like "Star Trek Voyager". Except Voyager had more lights :-). I can't stand a dark show!

    "Accidentally on Purpose" has gotten crappy reviews from critics who saw advance screeners. I haven't had a chance to watch it but I want to because I like Jenna Elfman.

  4. "Gilligan's Island" is perfect with the nerdy-gamer as Gilligan even with the red shirt.

  5. You must mean Julianne Moore! So have you decided where the best Black Friday sale is for a HDTV? I haven't had a tv for years, just watch movies and tv on my computer. I think I'm going to cave and buy a TV finally. Thanks

  6. It seems Wal-Mart is the place for TVs this year.

    J and R should be good as well as Best Buy but my funds are still low.

    Thanks I corrected the name.


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