Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Glee: Showmance

Still funny but they have changed the musical audio track by overlaying the singing instead of live on stage and pumping up the music. So the show is a bit over-the-top with surreal jokes but now with the pumped up music it is losing some of its small school charm.

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  1. I just read a review on and a lot of the commenters said the same thing about the musical tracks. Many felt they were over-produced and that the lipsynching was off. It didn't bother me because I've always been a big fan of the classic movie musicals from the 1940s-1960s. Those movies always had full-blown orchestra music coming out of nowhere :-).

  2. I get that musical aspect but this show was supposed to be something more realistic than a TV version of Grease.

  3. Anonymous1:29 AM

    I watched it tonight and, while it was a little over the top, it was on the verge of realistic.


  4. I really liked the pilot and that never turns out well when they start showing the rest of the season. That said I will continue watching until the go off the deep end ala My Name is Earl.


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