Thursday, August 20, 2009

Windows Media Center

One Dell 15" laptop
One Angel USB TV Tuner
One set of Dell 2.1 speakers
+ Windows Media Center
Fuzzy TV with a 10 second delay

There are rumors that a person can get a full TV experience with Hulu, broadcast network sites, and other sites. Add to that the illegal ways of downloading, storing, and praying that you don't get a virus.

These rumors are false. Online TV is not equivalent to on-air television.

I'm very passive and so is TV and radio. If you can't push ONE button to get all your entertainment then what's the point. Searching, downloading, converting, watching then deleting all for a show you may not like, no thanks.

Here I go watching overpriced Coin Collectors on HSN while listening to Loveline Livestream and blogging & screen capturing.

So while not completely sans TV I have to adjust my habits, for now.


  1. *Grins*

    Sort of "mixing business with pleasure" there...

    Oh, by the way, would you like me to upload a Coinstar "award" for you to download, from my webspace? Just a thought...

  2. I like Hulu, for stuff I have missed and cannot count on reruns to catch again.

    However, watching TV at my desk is tedious and takes the joy out of television.

    A cheepo TV at, say, Walmart shouldn't cost you more than $100...if even.

    Multitasking while watching TV should be limited to cleaning, folding clothes, or sleeping....not surfing the web!

  3. James- Sure upload if you wish.

    Kelly- "takes the joy out of television" yes exactly. I would never buy from Walmart, moral issues.

    Yes I can get a cheepo TV but the last two TVs were born in 1997 and 2000. I will invest in something reasonable but long lasting. I think the word is Future-Proof.

  4. Watching TV online isn't quite as bad as you make it sound. I've been doing it for a while, and it is much easier to do now that there are services like Hulu. You don't have to hunt nearly as much as you would have five years' ago.

    I think my husband is more of a passive TV watcher than I am. He likes being able to just pick up the remote control and flip around until something appeals to him. I usually know what I want to watch, so online TV works better for me than for him.

  5. I'm more old fashioned plus I like big screens. Although I may have to get a tiny TV soon.


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