Tuesday, August 04, 2009


OXYGEN, Channel #81

Oprah's station but spend any time watching it and you'll notice it is more of a Carsey-Werner station. Lots of reruns and women-centric movies. Unfortunately also lots of reality.

That said...

Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood
I happened to catch one episode because I saw someone on a race track about to crash. Turns out it was just Dean McDermott doing his motorcycle trials and surviving.

Since I don't follow celebrities instead I follow TV shows/characters I haven't been up to date with Tori Spelling. I enjoyed Spelling on Smallville even if the show has gone beyond ridiculous. Spelling has become the best mom ever. Honestly if the show is just half real she is still the nicest person in the Hollywood fish bowl. Watching her with kids is one of the few genuine reality moments. (Also watched the return of Jon & Kate Plus 8 which was so awkward and forced that you wonder why they came back.)

Shop Erotic (no link as I try to keep this blog PG-13)
To see this level of sexuality and accompanying paraphernalia on basic cable could only be done with Oprah's permission. An informercial that makes you stop everything just to make sure you didn't accidentally order some nasty-vision-pay-per-view.

So the only two shows I've recently seen on Oxygen are on either ends of the extreme so I'm guessing the other shows are somewhere in the middle.

For those keeping track there is no channel 80 on Optimum cable unlike 79 which is just black. So far channel 8 and 80 are not assigned but as the numbers go higher many more will be skipped so I may not mention them.

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