Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's a Start

So with both TVs out of commission and a new semester worth of books and supplies on the way I choose to win a TV.

I've had decent luck with contest and tried to get something good with this Subway Scrabble game.

Well who would of thought I won on my second try.
No money.
No TV.
Nope. Not even a sandwich.

Winner of:
A 3 month membership to Club Pogo estimated value $8.99. Really, on that site you have to play almost everyday to possibly qualify to win more prizes. Now that I'm busy and with no free time.

My contest luck has always been off.

From TV Guide I entered to win 240 DVDs of the best shows. Instead I got the "Black Oil" edition of the X-Files. I got through 3 episodes and shelved it. No Black Oil either, very disappointing.

I entered a TV Squad contest to win an iPod, instead got $100 cash. Not bad but I really wanted the iPod since I don't buy music this would give me a reason to.

I won a radio contest the gave a special edition Star Trek DVD but it was never sent and instead I got tickets to some movie that I couldn't attend since I had classes.

This is sort of a pity post but feel free to rant on your contest-near-win in the comments.


  1. James this is why I wondered about that Photo Me contest, what happens with 2nd place sort of troubles. If 2nd prize is a camera or a 1-year supply of prints then go for it.

  2. No TV!?!?! I'd not be able to survive!

    Ah, well... at least it wasn't one of those competitions where the second prize is far, far worse than the first prize;

    1st prize; a date with Amber
    2nd prize; TWO dates with Amber


    (She'll kill me for saying that...)


  3. poor James bummed out, he won the "living with Amber for eternity" prize ;o)

    I won the top 40 single records back in 1988 in the Sun newspaper. I finally got 40 records, but in true style they werent what I was supposed to have won.

  4. James-Shame on you. You do get a prize for giving compliment and an insult in one comment. Prize may involve a pan, the side of your head, and Amber.

    Amber-I love those win "The Top..." or "All Episodes" contest but 2nd prize is usually season 3 or 6 leaving huge gaps.

  5. Man, you should see my head this morning; it's a mass of lumps from being battered last night with the rolling pin!


  6. Classic rolling pin very retro.

  7. And very bloody heavy! ;-)


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