Sunday, May 26, 2013

Channel 157: The Blaze

Where do bigots and the narrow minded have the backward ideas confirmed? At The Blaze a new channel by Glenn Beck.

Everything about the channel including the commercials are targeted those who fear those and who want a Christian theocracy. The Blaze is in direct response to Muslim extremist. The Christian extremist have matched one evil with their own brand of evil that comes in the form of far-right values.

Just like Islamic extremist and their TV this channel confirms fears and tries to urge violence without ever saying it directly. They are like the kid next to a bullying yelling to fight and hit him and escalting things only to runaway when the troubles start.

While you have the right to say what you want that does not mean you are correct. Even bad people can be heard but should be ignored. If I can erase this channel I would but blocking is also good. Lies have no place in the media.

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