Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Wanted: America's Most Wanted

Looking at the news coverage of the three kidnapped women that included Amanda Berry. Thinking about all the years the women were missing and even the fact that no officials cared that Michelle Knight was missing is sad.

There is a glut of TV channels and reality shows with "celebrity" judges yet none of these guys lend a voice to find the millions missing in America and throughout the world.What we need is an all-star version of America's Most Wanted.

Whoops it was canceled on March 28, 2013 yet there are 4 Kardashian shows on. If the power of people can find two bombers in the middle of Boston then imagine what a TV show with an online component can do. Having famous people pleading for information on the missing would help. People forget the power of TV and it still can do better things than the internet. Since it was fools on the web that kept finding false leads in the Boston bombing case.

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